5 Must-Have Equipment for Pro Gamers

To fully grasp the experience of an activity,  you would want to ensure that the right elements, variables and vibes are made available. You may do this for the movie theater experience, where you have your popcorn, sodas, lighting [as UV lamps are now the thing] and surround sound systems. 


This is similar to what you would want to have should you be a pro gamer – not the popcorn actually, but the right equipment for the setting; the kind that would have you not pay attention to where the time went!


  1. A gaming chair: There is going to be quite the movement with these parts of your body while you play your games - back, neck, arms, waist and legs. As such you do want to be seated in something comfortable - anergonomic chairor massage chair to prevent any forms of aches or pains since you may be likely to go for hours while playing your games. This might not be of relevance to some, but the likelihood of kicking your feet up while playing your games may be a positive of having you a good gaming chair.

  1. Headset:  If you are intomultiplayer gamesor solo, then having a headset with a microphone is a must! You may not want to miss out on dialogues, locational hints and also help with focusing the sound to yourself especially when some of the games may have some potentially loud noises like gunfire, bomb explosions, amongst others. A wireless gaming headset compatible with consoles is what you would want to go in for and an example of that would be theTurtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2. For PC gamers, theRazer Kraken Ultimate RGBwould be a much preferable choice since it can sync up with several popular games.  

  1. Monitors: As gamers you want to have a full experience with the games you play – some difficult and requiring assistance with completing puzzles as well as broadcasting. Having one monitor as a primary display is one thing – connecting to another monitor is the other thing if you are looking to expand the games’ visuals.  A better experience is guaranteed if you are to usecurved screen monitorswith 4K resolution and 120Hz refresh rates. 

  1. Mouse/controller(s): For your casual PC games, a casual PC mouse would do. Gamers however, need a gaming mouse because they come with additional feature buttons and will prevent input lag should you be playing multiplayer games. The gaming mouse is a tough mouse and can withstand a lot of overuse. It has to have multiple sensitivity settings as well as have a cool design. You could also go in forcontrollersshould you be looking for additional motion controls and mappable buttons, as well as good controller rumble. TheRazer Wolverine Ultimateand theThrustmaster ESWAP X PROcontrollers would be good choices to go in for as a pro gamer.

  1. Portable external hard drive(s): Console games are known to notoriously consume a lot of storage space. With that being discovered, the contingency plan would be to have extra storage devices on the side to prevent any inconsistencies with saving and reinstalling games. TheSeagate Portable External Hard Driveor theWestern Digital Portable External Hard Drivewould be some of the options to go in for, with storage capacity ranging from 500GB to 5TB. You get to make your pick for what kind you need and have the challenges of deleting and reinstalling games minimized. 

Having these equipment available is the foundation to securing the gaming experience you seek, and the seriousness of gaming enhanced. There are other elements to help with ensuring a much different and wholesome gaming experience, but these we believe should be in your checklist before looking on to other peripherals to enhance the quality you seek.


For Gamers Change Lives Podcast

By Jeffrey Osei-Agyeman