Aug. 19, 2022

The Gamers Change Lives Season One Wrap Up – And Where We Are Headed in Season Two.

The Gamers Change Lives Season One Wrap Up – And Where We Are Headed in Season Two.

As we taxi off the runway of Season One of the Gamers Change Lives Podcast, we will refuel and soon take off on our next adventure in Season Two: “Follow the Money”.  Once again, I am lucky to have a trusty co-pilot, Reginald, to handle the controls most of the time, just as he has been doing these past few weeks. (Ok, enough of the cheesy aviation references. Maybe.)

What a journey we have been on, talking with so many talented and generous guests from literally all over the world. They have shown how playing games can lead to jobs. And how those jobs change lives.

What did we learn from them? Here are my top five:

  1. No one does it alone. Every successful esports entrepreneur we had on the show recruited an amazing team and went on a quest. Sort of a gamer approach that served them well.
  2. Everyone successful thinks big. Really big. Sometimes doing something small and manageable is appealing, but why not go for the grand slam? Hit it out of the ballpark. (Sorry for the American baseball reference, but you know what I mean.) Every guest had a story of something inspiring and impressive. And they could point to the fact that they had a part in making it happen.
  3. No one asks for permission. Esports is sometimes called the wild west, which can be true at times. But it is more uncharted territory. There are no road maps showing the detailed route to success. But that rarely slowed any of our guests down. And let’s face it, a map would actually take the fun out of the journey.
  4. The challenges of emerging markets can be significant, but never insurmountable. Our goal has been to highlight the stories of esports entrepreneurs and others who are faced with the challenges of living in an emerging market. We want others in similar situations to hear how those challenges can be overcome, because they are just part of the landscape.
  5. It takes money to create jobs. Playing games takes a bit of money. But creating jobs – and changing lives – takes resources that might be hard to come by. Especially in emerging markets. Maybe where you live.

That leads us to Season Two: “Follow the Money”. We are going to be talking to esports entrepreneurs and others about sponsorship, investment, media rights, merchandising, and streaming. These revenue streams are vital to building an esports dream. We have already recorded some great guests and will launch in just a couple of weeks.

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Just one last aviation reference. Did you know that being a drone operator can be a useful skill in esports? Who knew?


Photo by Christine Roy on Unsplash