June 8, 2022

What is the Esports University Trifecta?

What is the Esports University Trifecta?

When talking recently with John Cash about esports programs at the university level here in the United States, I learned about the “trifecta”. You can subscribe to the podcast and get notified when the episode launches this coming Saturday.


The trifecta includes curriculum, clubs, and labs.

Curriculum can be designed in a way to train students on jobs in the esports sector. And not just focusing on esports but including all of the types of jobs that they can qualify for when completing their education. Jobs like marketing, business, HR, data management, even broadcasting (shout casting), and more. Many people think of an esports program only focusing on STEM, but it is much broader that that. It can also include internships. Just think of the lucky students who land an internship with the Charlotte Hornets Venom.

Clubs are always a part of university life. Esports clubs should be fun and educational and can be open to all students. But unlike many activities these clubs can actually provide valuable experience for students interested in creating teams and tournaments in the future.

Now esports labs just sound like fun.  I am picturing a lab that includes multiple PC or console stations, ready for action. Not the sort of labs I remember. The experience in the labs, however, is more than just for fun. It is key that students understand how the industry works. And if it requires playing games, well, that is just part of the training.

Creating this type of program is not easy. Or inexpensive. Or easy to convince the university administration that is a good investment. But John made it happen. The first esports program at and HBCU institution in the US. You can hear his whole story on Saturday when you subscribe to the podcast.