Feb. 10, 2023

Best Ergonomic Equipment For Esports

Best Ergonomic Equipment For Esports

To fully grasp the experience in gaming, a good setup is key in ensuring that; one that would come with the best or better options in equipment – specifically ergonomic equipment.  Ergonomic because the gamer has to have their whole body comfortable as well as lower the risk of back pains and other problems that could come from being stationary for long. 

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  • Razer Iskur: From the Razer range of lifestyle gaming chairs comes the Razer Iskur, a customized gaming chair for the gamer to be positioned properly while having their whole body feeling comfortable. Tagged as the “perfect gaming chair”, this is a highly recommended product for you, the gamer, to help you secure that perfect form – both in lumbar and in practice! There are about 12 variants to choose from, and you can customize it to your preference – upholstery, height, weight, and special editions in Genshin Impact, Hello Kitty and A Bathing Ape.

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  • Razer Enki: The Razer Enki also comes from the range of gaming chairs that the Razer brand has to offer. This is a highly recommended product for your gaming gaming marathons; it provides an even weight distribution with its seating and has a good cushion density. Tagged as the “all-day gaming comfort” chair, it comes in eight variants with special edition designs ranging from Williams Esports, Automobili Lamborghini and the Koenigsegg. 

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  • Logitech G502: From the Logitech G brand comes the best option in mouses – the Logitech G502 mouse – which is not just any mouse; this mouse is what the term ergonomic represents! It is not too big nor too small, but provides an adjustable weight system and is very helpful in reducing the risk of unnecessary stress on the wrist or joints.  The Logitech G502 is great for FPS gaming (first person shooter gaming), comes with eleven buttons and has a high quality optical sensor. 

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  • Kinesis Freestyle Edge Split Mechanical Keyboard: For the best in PC gaming appeal for your esports challenges the Kinesis Freestyle Edge Split keyboard from Microsoft is a go-to for gamers and gamers at heart. Ergonomic keyboards have been in existence for decades, but it has taken a spike in production and sales as it started getting marketed to the esports communities. The Kinesis Freestyle Edge Split comes with a set of Cherry MX mechanical switches and a split design to help you position the keyboard halves to your liking. With some extra features such as eight macro keys, LED backlighting, and a 1ms response time, this keyboard is definitely going to give you some of the best experiences you have ever had in esports. A little over $180 as pricing, it is with no doubt that it is expensive; nonetheless for the sake of quality, this is worth the amount. 

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  • Echogear Adjustable Monitor Mount: Vision is key in protecting, and the gaming experience requires you use this a lot. To prevent yourself from straining your eyes and neck, you need to have a monitor mount, and the Echogear Adjustable Monitor Mount is the best option to go for. The Echogear is equipped with a dynamic gas spring, hence making adjustments in different directions and positions possible. It is also ideal that monitors are kept at a horizontal eye level, and the Echogear Monitor Mount helps in getting that done, as well as available arms for dual monitor adjustments. It comes with a 10-30 inches monitor size support, 20 lbs weight capacity, and tilt adjustment of +-15 degrees.


There are more that will be covered along the way, but for your standard setup, this is for sure a go-to you wouldn’t want to overlook. 

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Written by Jeffrey Osei-Agyeman