March 30, 2022

Esports Sponsorship – The 6 Ticket Strategy

Esports Sponsorship – The 6 Ticket Strategy

Landing a sponsor for your esports team or tournament is not easy. But necessary.

As pointed out before this is by far the biggest source of income in our industry. We also talked about how to be creative in searching for the next sponsor. After you have them in your sights, then what?

The 6 Ticket Strategy

I do not have to tell you how exciting live esports events are for everyone attending. You already know that. The sounds, the action, the community all create an event that you want to be a part of. So why not use that energy in your quest for your next sponsor.

At your next live event, whether it is a small tournament or something truly spectacular, set aside 6 tickets. Identify 3 potential sponsors and offer them each 2 free ring-side seats. Let them see how much fun and energy is unleashed at your event. Let them see it up close. Make the event do your work for you.

Here’s where it gets to be fun and interesting. When you invite the sponsor, offering exclusive access to your tournament, tell them the ticket is for them and one of their children. Esports is one of few activities that can bridge the intergenerational divide. Now they will get to share something that most kids will be excited about attending with their parent.

But then surprise them by saying that the ticket is for their daughter. Lead with that. For most people they will be thinking that the event is for their son, right? But by bringing their attention to the fact that esports is appealing to both their sons and daughters, it will open their eyes to how universal esports can be.

So, for every exciting event you will have 3 potential sponsors having a great time, maybe with their children beside them. How amazing is that? You are going to be a hero.

Okay, you may need to offer more tickets. No problem there. Because this strategy is basically free. It doesn’t cost you anything to have more seats in the arena. You just need to get out there and start inviting. And following up.

What strategies have you used successfully to land sponsors? Share your knowledge so others can learn.

Photo by Marc-Antoine Dubé on Unsplash