Feb. 26, 2023

Journey of a Gamer - A New YouTube Channel

Journey of a Gamer - A New YouTube Channel

Every gamer wants to become a pro player, a content creator, right?

Video gaming has ceased to become just a hobby of the young and is now a viable career for talented gamers across the world.

To turn pro, amateur players might:

  • Talk with their friends
  • Look for training and coaches online and in person (This can get expensive!)
  • Play their game – a lot – in order to get good and maybe get noticed
  • Search for a mentor
  • Watch gameplay videos on YouTube, Twitch, or other gaming platforms

But what if they could learn directly from professional players?

Listen to pro players:

  • Tell their story of their journey on how they went from being a gamer to being able to earn money doing what they like doing most: playing games.
  • Give tips and insight on how to cross that line, to start earning money (perhaps not much at first) from their passion.
  • Provide a potential road map, not on how to play better, but how to become an entrepreneur!

Introducing a new YouTube video series:
'Journey of a Gamer'

Each week a new guest will discuss in a short 20-minute video how they went from being just a casual gamer to a successful streamer.

The series will showcase stories of the streamer’s unique journey of hard work, dedication, and perseverance that it takes to become a success.

The host will be a gamer. Someone who has experience in streaming and can relate to the stories being told.

Each video will inspire the viewer and will be geared for anyone interested in the world of video game streaming and the people who make it possible.

Will this series guarantee that the audience can turn pro?

Of course not...

What we can do is give them the opportunity to hear from others who have been in their shoes. Gamers who come from the same background, location, cultures as they do. People they can easily relate to when they hear the amazing stories of their journey.

And remember ‘turning pro’ doesn’t mean that the gamer is going to be rich. It means that they can start making money from gaming. One step at a time.


These original episodes will set the standards of the conversation and will provide the host with the opportunity to become practiced with the format, saving guests with a larger following to later in the series.

Future episodes will feature guests who can bring their audience to the program as that will be the primary source of the show’s audience.

The goal will be for the audience to see themselves in the stories of the host and the guests, to come away thinking that they too might have what it takes to become a professional gamer.

The bottom line is to have a guest who can be a role model for the audience to follow; someone they can learn from.

Questions for guests can include:

  • How did you get started in gaming?
  • How did you make the leap from an amateur gamer to making money playing games?
  • What were your biggest obstacles and how did you overcome them?
  • Who are your biggest supporters?
  • Who do you look up to as a positive role model?
  • What is your biggest dream you would like to accomplish as a pro player?
  • Who is your fiercest competitor?
  • What does your family think of your career?
  • Which tournament do you dream of competing in in the future?
  • What advice would you give someone who is considering becoming a professional gamer?
  • Will this series guarantee that the audience can turn pro?

Searching for the perfect host for ‘Journey of a Gamer’

Are you a gamer who likes talking to other gamers? Or know someone who fits that role? We want to hear from you as we continue our search for the host of the channel.

Send us an email giving us some details on your background as a gamer and why you would be interested in hosting our new channel. We will connect and start the conversation.

Email us at info@gamerschangelivespodcast.com.

Or use the contact link on this page at https://www.gamerschangelivespodcast.com/contact

Click here to download our presentation for more information on the project.

We look forward to hearing from you!