May 3, 2022



The three types of power described in Becky Margiotta’s book, “Impact With Integrity” started me thinking about how that applies to the Gamers Change Lives Podcast. I put the link to the book below because it is worth reading. I like books that make me think. And this one does.

Becky describes (spoiler alert) three types of power: Societal, Positional, and Personal. My focus here is on Societal Power. This power is described across multiple dimensions such as age, race, social class, educational level, culture, language, and more. She talks about how this power can be used to create change, no matter where you fall on the continuum.

What I have found is that much of the training, much of the discussion, in how to be successful in esports comes from the vantage point of how it is done in the US. Or in Europe. Or in Asia. There is a lot to learn and to share from where we are – me being in California. We have some terrific guests lined up who represent some of the best success stories.

But the idea of the Gamers Change Lives Podcast, is to hear from the people in emerging markets who have created their own amazing success. The most powerful stories, the ones that can create the most change and are the most inspiring, come from people who others can identify with immediately. From their own world experience.

Our next episode for this Saturday features Queen Arrow (Sylvia Gathoni) from Kenya. She can inspire potential professional players from anywhere in the world. If you subscribe to our podcast, you will be the first to know when the episode is released.

Stay tuned. We are just getting started.

Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash