March 29, 2022

Qualifications for Working in Esports

Qualifications for Working in Esports

In researching upcoming guests for The Gamers Change Lives Podcast, the common thread seems to be that there is no career path, no set of qualifications that leads to becoming a successful entrepreneur in esports.

Qualifications are requirements set by businesses and society in general that allow people to take jobs in certain industries and in certain positions. Lawyers, doctors (we certainly want them to be qualified!), teachers, etc. However, entrepreneurship by definition lets people create the job that they want to do. How amazing is that?

When you drill down into the types of jobs that an esports enterprise can create, there are some qualifications developing. For example:

  1. To be a professional player, defined as someone who earns money from playing games, there are qualifications. Such as actually being a good player. Or an engaging personality. It is as much about entertainment as it is ability. More on that later.
  2. Player-centric Jobs. Coaching fall into this category. The best coaches have experience leading teams on and off the “field”.
  3. There are so many tournament positions, from shout casters and analysts to those setting up the venues or online events and more. Again, it is experience that counts the most. And of course, some technical knowledge.
  4. Business Jobs. These are positions that come with more recognized qualifications, the accountant, the HR department, and the attorney making sure everything is right.
  5. PR/Marketing. No official credentials are needed here. To attract an audience it takes the right skills to build engaging content and to know where to put it.

The bottom line is that I have learned that there are qualifications developing for most positions in esports – primarily focusing on experience – but the top position, the entrepreneur setting it all in motion, they can be almost anyone.

Maybe you?

Photo by Muhammad Rizwan on Unsplash