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Chantal-Denise Ortega - Mexico

Partnerships Manager - Women in Games Asia, Brand Partnerships Manager - Galaxy Racer North America

Chantal-Denise Ortega is the Brand Partnerships Manager at Galaxy Racer North America and HER Galaxy. She also does consultancy for business development and partnerships in the area of gaming and esports. In 2019, she helped establish FIGHT Esports in Southeast Asia - running esports tournaments in the region both offline and online, and establishing partnerships with game publishers and online platforms. Chantal joined W Coffee in 2020, and was appointed as a Women in Games WIGJ ambassador in 2021.

Aug. 13, 2022

Women in Games: Creating a Pipeline

Today’s guests are Chantal-Denise Ortega, the Brand Partnerships Manager at Galaxy Racer North America, and HER Galaxy speaking from Mexico City. And Xinmiao Zhang who manages game pipelines and projects at Tencent speaking from Shanghai, China. Our ...

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