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Kieran Sanford - UK


Co-Founder of 4Sake an influencer management agency primarily within gaming & esports. Managing a range of influencers including streamers, content creators & professional esports players.

4Sake also have a community arm that they’re heavily focused in called “ForG4MERSake” which do events & workshops to help educate to young people on the industry and the viable career pathways & opportunities within it.

Nov. 26, 2022

Community Initiative and Sponsorship Tactics

We have two guests today: Kieran Sanford. Co-Founder of ForG4MERSake in London, and Baba Dioum, the Manager SOLO Esport in Dakar Senegal. Our discussion included: How Kieran and Baba each came to esports from different paths. They each talk briefly …

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