Season 3, Episode 5 Worksheet



Gamers Change Lives Podcast
Season 3 Episode 5 Worksheet
”The Playbook for Running a Winning Esports Organizations”
Guest: Grant Rousseau

Consider these questions to get more from the content in the podcast episode:

Multiple Choice Questions:

1. What is the first thing to consider when starting an esports team?

  1. Finding sponsors
  2. Choosing the right games to play
  3. Hiring staff members
  4. Developing a performance plan

2. What is the impact of culture on the esports industry, according to Grant Rousseau?

  1. It has no impact on the industry
  2. It is important to find the aspects of culture that match and to convert followers to be more flexible
  3. It is important to stick to one culture for all events
  4. Culture only affects events, not team operations

3. What are some event strategies for esports teams?

  1. Tournaments only
  2. Watch parties only
  3. Conventions only
  4. A combination of watch parties, tournaments and academies, and conventions

4. What does Rousseau suggest investing in to ensure the success of a company?

  1. A) Finding the right players
  2. B) Hiring a lot of staff members
  3. C) Investing in HR departments and hiring
  4. D) Finding the right sponsors

5. What does Rousseau suggest is important for esports players?

  1. Prioritizing their physical and mental health
  2. Playing games as much as possible
  3. Ignoring their personal lives for the sake of the team
  4. None of the above

Answer Key:

Question 1: 4
Question 2: 2
Question 3: 4
Question 4: 3
Question 5: 1

Short answer questions:

How does Rousseau suggest balancing training and rest for esports players?

What are the different cost categories for running an esports team?

What is a ‘performance plan’ and how can it be used when starting and managing an esports organization?

Long Essay Question:

Discuss the challenges and opportunities for esports organizations in finding and keeping sponsors. Provide examples from the podcast and your own experience to support your argument.


If you would like, take your answers to these questions, and post them on the Facebook Group. Check out the answers of others and let them know what you have learned. The best teacher is someone who has been in your shoes.