March 21, 2023

Esports Jobs To Explore - Esports Team Manager

Esports Jobs To Explore - Esports Team Manager

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The esports industry is on the rise with audience numbers, teams, and brand endorsements, and the careers being built off of this space are one to observe and explore, with roles engaging and these jobs proving to be lucrative. We have covered a couple:shoutcastingandcoaching, and this time we would like to take you through the role of an esports team manager. 


Who Is An Esports Team Manager?

An eSports team manager is the primary administrator for the team, organizing the team and making sure players are adequately prepared for competitions. 


Duties Of An Esports Team Manager

  • Manages the team’s logistics and sets practice schedules for the team
  • Scouts and recruits new players
  • Handles team’s branding
  • Oversees deal negotiations


Significance To The Gaming Industry

Team members are able to focus on competitions and do so at high levels as managers take care of the administrative duties, as well as providing support. 


How Much Does An Esports Team Manager Make?

Entry level managers make around $21,000/yr, while senior managers make around $80,000/yr, with averagely 37-60 working hours. The range changes as you move higher and gather more experience. 



  • Have a passion for gaming and a good understanding of esports on the commercial level.
  • Having a business management background is a plus.
  • Be up to speed with the esports business and advancements by checking out our podcast “Gamers Change Lives”. 


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