March 31, 2022

The Gamers Change Lives Podcast Episode Preview: “Tournaments: Creating and Managing Tournaments”

The Gamers Change Lives Podcast Episode Preview: “Tournaments: Creating and Managing Tournaments”

Esports tournaments come in many forms. Along with teams, esports tournaments are the other major building block in creating an esports enterprise. In this episode the audience will hear how someone has successfully created multiple tournaments which currently provide jobs for others.

It will be important to cover the different types of tournaments (live events, online, hybrid) and the complexity of each. As the world returns to somewhat normal after the pandemic, esports tournament organizers have an opportunity to create something new.

Tournament financing will be included in the discussion and especially how to attract and manage sponsorship relationships for the long term for the benefit of both the organizer and sponsor.

The level of detail required to make an event successful is tremendous. And sometimes underestimated. Staffing opportunities are varied from those in front of the screen to those behind. You may already have filled some of those roles. And want to do it again.

Potential Speakers. Someone who:

  • Has organized multiple successful tournaments
  • Has raised sponsorship funding for tournaments
  • Has experience with tournament platforms


  • What is an esports tournament?
  • What types of tournaments are there?
  • What games should you include?
  • What games should you not include?
  • Mobile tournaments
  • Live vs. virtual tournaments
  • What platforms do you use for tournaments?
  • How do you find a venue to use?
  • How do you budget for a tournament?
  • How do you fund a tournament?
  • How do you determine prizes?
  • How do you make sure you have the money for paying prizes?
  • How do you organize the online component of a tournament even if it is live only?
  • How do you get permission to use a game from the IP owner?

Do any questions come to mind that we should include when talking about how esports tournaments create jobs?

Photo by Danny Howe on Unsplash