Season 3 Worksheets

In Season Three of the Gamers Change Lives Podcast we are introducing Worksheets. After listening to the episode, check out the Worksheet for that episode to think more about the ideas and concepts discussed in the episode. It will also give you an opportunity to bring your own experience to the conversation.

Take the conversation over to the Facebook Group and learn from other esports entrepreneurs who have also listened to the episode and are looking to engage with others.

The Facebook Group can be found at:

Worksheet for Episode 1 with Victor Castro: ‘Leading a Strong Esports Team: Lessons from West Point’

Worksheet for Episode 2 with Andre Moreira: 'Esports and the Law

Worksheet for Episode 3 with Gerald Solomon: 'Transforming Education Through Esports'

Worksheet for Episode 4 with Boban Totovski: 'The Role of International Esports Organizations'

Worksheet for Episode 5 with Grant Rousseau: 'The Playbook for Running a Successful Esports Organization'