March 25, 2022

Esports Sponsorship in Emerging Markets

Esports Sponsorship in Emerging Markets

A successful esports enterprise needs funding. Whether it is a team or a tournament. And the proven model is to tap in sponsorships. That is true no matter what part of the world you inhabit.

As noted by the New Zoo report for 2021 (link in the comments below), sponsorship makes up almost 60% of all revenue streams worldwide. That number would probably be higher in emerging markets where media rights and other sources may not be as well developed as funding sources.

Where can you find sponsorship funding?

There isn’t a simple list of links I can provide that will generate those needed dollars, cedi, rupees, ringgit, or pesos. (Sorry) Instead, what I can give you are pointers that might just lead you on your way.

Be curious. Be creative. You already like going on quests, solving puzzles, right? So that is a great talent to put to work.

Follow the money.

Look around and check out who is already spending money to talk to you. Just open up your phone and check it out. You are going to find many companies already spending advertising and marketing budgets. Not only are you going to find potential sponsors but pay attention to who is doing the most with repetitive ads. They are aggressive and might be looking for new audiences. Maybe they are telecoms. Or auto manufacturers. Or even local real estate companies.

Next think of their competition, companies who aren’t trying to get your attention, but should be doing just that. Think in terms of industries as much as specific companies.

Get your presentation in order. More on that later. Make sure you can present yourself, your team, your tournament in the best light possible. Use numbers. (Marketers love numbers, trust me.) Your magic bullet weapon is going to be the demographics of people attracted to esports – younger and somewhat more affluent since they have internet access and maybe even own a PC or console.

Target the marketing manager, not the head of the company. Find out who is controlling the marketing budget and make them your friend. Make the marketing manager a hero inside their company. They will be coming back for more.

Think long term – more than a onetime sponsorship. Build a relationship with the sponsor.

Under promise and overdeliver, especially on the first deal.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Find me and ask questions. Again, be curious.

Stay tuned to our podcast. We have some amazing people lined up who will talk about they have been successful in attracting sponsors. Don’t miss out.

Are there any suggestions I have missed? Let me know in the comments below.