July 25, 2022

I learned a new word today. Telic.

I learned a new word today. Telic.

Let me know if you already knew what that word meant. I didn’t. And admit it.

I learned from Jay Acunzo that this is the kind of work that we don't always enjoy doing. Here is his article so you can see a more complete explanation. This is the work you do to get to the end. Like sweeping floors in his example. The good kind of work is called “paratelic,” or intrinsic. That is when you do the work because you like the journey. His example: eating ice cream. Brought it home for me. But to be clear, telic work is just as important and honorable as intrinsic.

What does it mean for our podcasting journey here over the past few weeks as we are winding up Season One of the Gamers Change Lives Podcast? It means that the journey has been amazing. Great guests, interesting topics, plenty to share, and more to learn. A lot more. We have ended up no where near the top of the mountain, to the final destination. But that is a good thing. That means there will be a Season Two where we take what we learned and make the show better.

The connections we have made include the guests. But also the people who didn’t come on the podcast. And the audience who have come along and given us their time and often their feedback. Thanks for that. I now know that creating a podcast can be a ton of work, but the rewards are many and unexpected.

Stay tuned. (Oh, and we still have some Season One episodes coming out.)

Photo by Steve Rybka on Unsplash