March 7, 2022

We Are Hiring! Podcast Producer Job Description

We Are Hiring! Podcast Producer Job Description

Podcast Producer Job Description (remote)  – The Gamers Change Lives Podcast

What's the gig?

We’re looking for a producer to join our Production Team and will work closely with the host Tom Leonard.

In this role, you’ll help research guests, plan, script, and edit interview-based podcasts.

As a producer, you'll be helping to coordinate the delivery of audio, communicating feedback with the guests and the team, and managing the project internally.

Time commitment:

Right now, your time would be needed for a few hours per week. More hours may be needed in the future.

Things you'll do:

  • Research potential guests from the esports world.
  • Book and schedule guests.
  • Prep interview plans for our host to produce weekly episodes including preparing questions.
  • Call and email to schedule guests to join the podcast.
  • Prep the host and guest(s) before a podcast recording.
  • Supervise the podcast's production process including the actual recording each episode, becoming familiar with our podcasting recording platform,
  • Coordinate recordings, audio files, session files, scripts, and documents.
  • Work with the podcast editor – freelance position - on the creative direction of an episode and the final edit.
  • Manage each episode's editing, recording, and distribution.
  • Write show notes, blog posts, and other content as needed.
  • Promote the show using social content and other media.
  • Monitor each episode's analytics and metrics.
  • Support the podcast host and team.
  • Ensure podcasts meet internal deadlines.

Who exactly are we looking for?

In short, does this sound like you? Someone that is:

  • Knowledgeable. You are familiar with the world of esports, how the industry works, and who are the major players.
  • Creative. You are able to foster and maintain the creative vision of the podcasts at Gamers Change Lives.
  • Communicative. You have excellent written and verbal communication in English and excel in collaboration with teammates and our host.
  • Authentic. You put the people around you at ease and bring your own unique voice to research, writing, and scripting.
  • Adaptable. You thrive when you need to find solutions, make adjustments, and receive feedback. You work efficiently to get the job done by deadlines.
  • Passionate. You love storytelling and connecting business communities through content marketing, and the world of esports. You also see how esports can be a source of jobs in the local community.

Why you?

For this role, you ideally have:

  • Spent time working with individuals in the esports world at various levels.
  • Experience writing content, including script writing.
  • A talent for researching and understanding often complex topics and extracting their essential elements to tell a compelling story.
  • The ability to work to deadlines so that shows never miss schedule.
  • A critical eye and a close attention to detail.

Why us?

  • The opportunity to make a difference. The Gamers Change Lives Podcast is focused on creating jobs across the world in esports – primarily tackling youth unemployment.
  • Work from anywhere. Your house in the country, a coffee shop in the city, a yurt in the forest -- we don’t mind. As long as you have strong enough Wi-Fi.
  • Truly great work culture. We’re a young and small organization -- you can make a real impact, but we’re not in the business of micromanagement.
  • Flexible Hours. Outside of ideally having some working overlap with US working hours, we have a globally distributed, asynchronous team.
  • Equipment Budget. Headphones, software, phone -- whatever you need to be set up for success.

Is this a paid position?

Absolutely! This is not an internship position. We can discuss the right compensation to make sure it is worth your time to become our producer.


This is a remote position, the applicant can live anywhere in the world!

How to apply:

To apply for this opportunity, send an email to, including:

  1. A written description of your experience and background.
  2. Why you think this could be a good fit for your talent.
  3. A resume or CV if available; but not required.
  4. Any questions you have about the position.


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