April 25, 2022

The Coolest Job in Esports

The Coolest Job in Esports

Gaming can create jobs. We already know that. But the variety of opportunities is not always appreciated.

When talking with Eniola Edun of Gamr recently for an upcoming episode of the Gamers Change Lives Podcast we talked about all of the types of jobs that esports can create. Anywhere in the world.

For tournament organizers, there are so many job opportunities created. We talked about shout casters (one of my favorite job titles), lighting, camera operators, on-air talent, ticketing, and a lot more.

To be honest many of the positions might sound like, well, jobs. But they are vital to the success of a tournament. However, there was one position in particular that caught my attention. And it wasn’t one I had on my list.

Drone operator.

Think of the fun you could have piloting a drone inside a packed venue surveying the crowd and the action. That would take skill and practice. It is also one of those activities that probably sounds a lot easier than it turns out to be in real life. After all, there are real people involved. Not a crowd of NPC’s that will just get back up after being knocked to the ground. But think of the fun!

The moral of the story is that gaming and esports can create jobs. Sometimes ones you would never think of.

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Photo by Shane Smith on Unsplash