June 22, 2022

Think of Social Media as a Series of Rooms

Think of Social Media as a Series of Rooms

I had a great conversation with Nick Holden from South Africa for an upcoming episode of the Gamers Change Lives Podcast where he described a useful and interesting concept of how to use social media. If you subscribe to the podcast, you can be the first to hear the entire conversation.

In esports, and in marketing as a whole, everyone uses social media. That is our world. But each platform comes with a unique audience, looking for different content, and has a customized set of rules of engagement. Do yourself, and your audience, a favor to put some thought into how you talk to these communities.

Think of each platform as a room.

Twitter – its strength is engagement.

Instagram comes with an audience looking for lifestyle content, focusing on the real world.

Facebook is strong around the world, and especially in Africa, and has incredible targeting opportunities.

YouTube, like Instagram, has an audience that also appreciates a lifestyle message.

Twitch, for esports, is like a playground. It should be fun.

Tik Tok is also fun and appeals to a mobile audience.

His example of someone coming into the Instagram room and reporting that the servers are down and to stay tuned for updates probably isn’t going to have the same impact as when this message is done on Twitter. Makes sense.

We all want to repurpose our content, but many times that is not going to have the desired impact. Yes, it takes more work. But show some respect to the communities you want to have listening to you and pay attention.

Photo by Peter Herrmann on Unsplash