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Baba Dioum - Senegal


A passionate gamer and a believer in esports, I am the Co-Founder of Solo Esport – the first professional esport club in West Africa and the President of the SENGAMES Association. I've been in the African esport scene since 2010, working to place Africa on the esports world map. I have in the last 12 years travelled to many countries, building connections and collaborating with other esport associations and institutes.

My goal is to build the best esport team in Africa through Solo Esport by helping young talents reach their full potential and make their mark in the international scene. With Sengames, I want to establish the best esport events in Africa, in collaboration with other eSport actors. Esport is big opportunity and can be a great as tool for education and social change.

Nov. 26, 2022

Community Initiative and Sponsorship Tactics

We have two guests today: Kieran Sanford. Co-Founder of ForG4MERSake in London, and Baba Dioum, the Manager SOLO Esport in Dakar Senegal. Our discussion included: How Kieran and Baba each came to esports from different paths. They each talk briefly …

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