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Jon Satterley - Australia

CEO & Co-Founder

Jon has been part of the entertainment industry for 30+ years, managing bands, building record companies, creating strategies for theme parks and advising cinemas and distribution companies at the most senior level. Jon established Roadrunner Records in Australia (the world's biggest metal record company) in the nineties and was subsequently promoted to Senior VP of Digital and moved to NYC for 5 years as part of the Warner Music Group.

In 2018 Jon decided that gaming - his life passion (well….that and metal) - was the place he wanted to be. Jon partnered with Adrian Giles, a renowned tech entrepreneur, to found Fortress Australia…with the aim to create the ultimate "Home of Games". Fortress is now Australia's #1 games culture company.

Jon holds a BA/LLB (Hons) from Uni of Melb and an MBA from Melbourne Business School.

Nov. 5, 2022

Creating the Ultimate Venue for Games Culture

Our guest is Jon Satterley from Melbourne Australia. He is CEO & Co-Founder at Fortress Australia. Our discussion included: How a passion for heavy metal music and the world of entertainment led to the creation of a cathedral to games …

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