Feb. 3, 2023

Children in Gaming - Benefits and Recommendations

Children in Gaming - Benefits and Recommendations

The industriousness in children is seen at very early ages – ages 2 and up. They get to put their observations to use from how older folks around them use certain devices and/or appliances. Should there be video game consoles (and their accompanying cartridges/CDs obviously) in the house, then there’s a 89% guarantee that children will be home for quite a while, engaged in a world pixelated or near-real, and eyes twitching all over till there’s a “Okay turn it off now!” call. (The 89% bit can go higher statistically, so please do not be mad when it is disputed. Thank you lol!) 


For video games, you as a parent or guardian or older sibling may want to consider a few factors for why you want to be getting kids involved, and also when to unplug. Because not only are you looking to give them time to have fun, but the endgame is helping these kids develop healthy game habits while reaping off of the benefits of the indulgence:

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  • Potential in exploring esports and its careers: The gaming industry has had more than people playing video games – it has gotten into a more professional sense with competitive video gaming termed as esports. There is a large potential of children becoming pro gamers as they grow should they take video games seriously; otherwise they can venture into other fields in the esports industry such as commentary, coding, marketing events, etc. And to know more about this industry, Gamers Change Lives is the hub with more information on this!

  • Problem-solving skills: Continuous playing of video games can have an effect on children with their problem-solving skills. Possibly acquired from adventure, multiplayer, puzzler or role-play games, kids are able to find solutions through planning, organizing and flexible thinking on how to complete levels and further complete the games. It could be that they would be able to transfer these skills into the real world, but there is still research being made into this aspect. 

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  • Boosts creativity: Beyond LEGO blocks and Play-Doh, your wards are also bound to make some amazing creativity come out of their engagement in video games. From the varying game genres such as role play, action-adventure, puzzler, sports, kids are bound to delve into the world of make-believe, creating characters of their own, while developing other qualities like storytelling and voice acting. 

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  • Visual-spatial skills: Helping kids understand distance and space can be done using 3D virtual games such as Minecraft or Beat Saber, using virtual reality hardware like the Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift or the PlayStation VR, or any VR hardware of your choosing. 

  • Establish social connections: Some kids have a bit of trouble being sociable in real life, and it can lead to them being timid since they may not have anyone with interests as theirs to interact with. Engaging them in video games can have them establish positive social connections through instances of multiplayer games – having virtual playdates with real-life persons. These playdates can be transformed into real-life ones as these kids use the games to get along with each other, giving them something to talk about – like we would with music, movies, etc. 


It is good to get your kids involved with games, yes. However, you also do not want to have it be what they do all the time. Try to have them have other recreational activities for leisure – these can be of your choosing but helpful for them will be to spend more time outside. This changes the simulation they may have had embedded in their heads from the game and more importantly have them moving around since being stationary for long periods can cause numbness in some parts of their bodies.

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Written by Jeffrey Osei-Agyeman