April 15, 2022

How To Become a Better Mentor – 3 Stages

How To Become a Better Mentor – 3 Stages

Esports success is founded on the relationship of mentorship. Some of us are mentors. Some of us are mentees. I rarely find someone in the industry who is not willing to share what they have learned with others.

The mentorship relationship seems to have three stages:

  1. Establishing the relationship
  2. The ongoing relationship
  3. The end of the relationship

If you are the mentor here are some things to consider in each stage to make it more successful for you and the mentee.

Establishing the relationship:

Really get to know the person you want to help. Understand their journey by spending time with them. Be upfront with expectations. Use this stage to build trust, for each of you. And be sure to value your time so that it does not become a full-time job on your part.

In esports you want to make sure that your talents match up with the goals of the person you want to help. Don’t hesitate to guide them to someone else who might be a better fit.

Make sure you have the time, the bandwidth to make the relationship a success.

The ongoing relationship:

Set up a schedule of your time together. Of course, there will be times that a quick conversation is helpful. But if there are regular planned encounters, it will guide the progress.

Ask questions. A lot of questions, showing empathy. Neither party should assume that the other has the ability to read each other’s mind.

Show your mentee how to develop resources outside yourself to further their journey. Make introductions. Be generous with your esports world just as others shared theirs with you.

How did you start out? Tell them your story on how you started in esports to give them a roadmap.  

There is a good chance they have a competitive nature. So, offer encouragement and always celebrate their achievements.

Be honest in your criticism. It will benefit the relationship and they will respect you for it. Let them make their own decisions. And live with the consequences.

And be excited. After all, we are playing games, right? Your enthusiasm will be contagious and can be as valuable as your insight.

The end of the relationship:

Do not be afraid to end the relationship. After all, if you have done a good job, they are going to outgrow the need to be a mentee. And that is something to be proud of.

In other situations, you realize that you don’t have much to continue to offer the other person, no matter what their progress.

When that happens, it does not mean you won’t stay in touch. You can always be available, and you probably want to continue the connection. But not at the same level as before.

Be a mentor. It is the way that this industry grows and succeeds. Go into it with the right motives and expectations. And you will find you will get as much out of the relationship as the person you are mentoring.

Are you an esports mentor? Am I missing anything that has worked out for you?

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash