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The normal one. Always, having the right set of attitude to develop a lot of younger talents in the country regarding Esports and has always dreamt of creating an atmosphere where Esports is a way of living.

With over 10 years of experience, he is an Entrepreneur, Visionary, Mentor & most importantly the guy with a big heart.

India has been an integral part in the development of Esports around the globe and it is an early market in India where people are still learning about Esports and the actual benefits of it.

Being one of the most important personalities in the Esports industry in India, Dhiman is heading the largest content creators program through Resilience Esports not only in India but also across the other countries. The growth pattern under him led Resilience Esports as one of the highest revenue generating organisations in India in just 12 months. They have more than 10000 plus creators signed under them exclusively and more than 50 plus brands working with them all across the globe.

He has a great vision of taking the Esports market by storm and making it one of the biggest industries on a global scale, hence his ventures like advertising & marketing in Esports, ideas and thought processes speaks such.

As the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day, he has been developing certain IP’s and opportunities like STOMP, LAWWN, etc in the Indian market being the Chief Engineer of the Esports and blockchain ecosystem which will make sure to take India in the next phase and the partnerships generated through him in the global market marks Resilience Esports into one of the topmost firm/company to work with regarding Esports in the country.

July 23, 2022

Esports Content Creation and Branding in India with Dhiman Kashyap

Today’s guest is Dhiman Kashyap, Co - Founder, CEO of Resilience Esports & ex-Head of Operations at Esports Federation of India (ESFI). Our discussion included: Establishing and building a team to create a successful esports organization The importan...

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