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Dimitris Farmakis - Greece

Head of Esports at Yieldly / Yesports

Professional with over 13 years of experience in esports, both on a national (Greek) and international level. Has worked for streaming platforms (Hitbox.tv / Smashcast.tv) as a Greek Community Manager.

Has been working with the teams of Yieldly and Yesports as their Head of Esports; for Yieldly, the aim was to work with esports teams to promote and provide education around DeFi. For Yesports, the aim has been to make it easier for all esports teams and content creators to leverage web3 technologies (NFTs, Metaverse) to create new experiences that can bring them closer to their fans.

Currently also partnered with the University of Peloponnese, where the aim is to create value for Sports Management students by exposing them to the esports and blockchain markets.

July 30, 2022

Esports Sponsorship and Investment with Dimitris Farmakis from Greece

Today’s guest is Dimitris Farmakis. He is the Head of Esports at Yieldly and Yesports. Our discussion included: An overview of esports in Greece. Yesports: What is the mission of Yesports? How do you recruit teams and streamers? Is language …

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